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Examples of our work

The Gables, renovation and extension, external and internal: (click on a picture to enlarge)

The Gables 1

The Gables 2

The Gables 3

The Gables 4

The Gables 5

The Gables 6

The Gables 7

The Gables 8

The Gables 9

The Gables 10

The Gables 11

The Gables 12

Ty Gwyn Isa, renovation, extension, roofing and interior:

Ty Gwyn Isa 1

Ty Gwyn Isa 2

Ty Gwyn Isa 3

Ty Gwyn Isa 4

Ty Gwyn Isa 5

Ty Gwyn Isa 6

Ty Gwyn Isa 7

Ty Gwyn Isa 8

Ty Gwyn Isa 9

Ty Gwyn Isa 10

Ty Gwyn Isa 11

Ty Gwyn Isa 12

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau, Kitchen:

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau1

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau2

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau3

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau4

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau5

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau6

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau7

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau8

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau9

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau10

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau11

Tyddyn Eirlyssiau12